At G3, we strive to provide three key features for every G3 boat owner;

Quality, Performance, and Satisfaction.

Through a total team approach, our family of craftsmen, many of whom have been in the industry for decades, consistently produce boats with better fit and finish, outstanding on-water performance, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction than any other aluminum boat line in the industry.

G3 Boats has received the highest level of industry Customer Satisfaction award for more consecutive years than any other aluminum boat manufacturer. As a Yamaha Marine company, you can trust that building quality product is a daily focus at G3 Boats.

When you consider buying an Eagle bass boat, Angler Deep-V, Gator Tough Jon, or Sun Catcher pontoon, you have the satisfaction of knowing that our boat-builders, from the manufacturing floor to the management staff, are family boaters and fishermen, just like our customers. Our success is measured by your success on the water.

We encourage you to compare quality, performance and features available in any other aluminum boat line and then take a look at G3. You won't find better fishing partners than G3 and Yamaha.








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Outboard Engines for Sale







Size Details MSRP    CURRENT SPECIAL     



$1,147       $999.00



F4 Short



F6 Long Shaft

$1707      $1,500.00



$1,777      $950.00





F8 Short Shaft, Manual Start

$2,628      SOLD


9.9 Four Stroke

Plus Fuel tank

Plus $75.00 freight

Short Shaft Manual


Short Shaft Electric Start

Long Shaft Electric Start

$3,210      $2,950.00


$3,537      $2,990.00

$3,561      $2,899.00







15 HP Four Stroke

Plus Fuel Tank

Plus $75 Freight



Short Shaft, Electric Start

Long Shaft, Electric Start



$3,885      $3,299

$3,910      $3,699







20 HP Four Stroke

Plus Fuel Tank

Plus $75 Freight

Short Shaft, Manual Start A

Short Shaft, Electric Start A

Short Shaft, Electric Start B

Long Shaft, Manual Start A

Long Shaft, Electric Start A

Long Shaft, Electric Start B

$4,012      $3,499

$4,473      $3,990

$4,473      $4,030

$4,054      $3,549

$4,521      $4,029

$4,521      $4,099








New 25hp Four Stroke.

Lightest Engine in Its Class

Plus Fuel Tank

Plus $75 Freight

Short Shaft, Manual Start

Short Shaft, Electric Start

Long Shaft, Manual Start

Long Shaft, Electric Start

$4,541      $3,990

$4,912      $4,419

$4,584      $4,090

$4,944      $4,449






30 HP Four Stroke

Plus Fuel Tank

Plus $75 Freight

Long Shaft, Electric Start $6,306      SOLD  



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Generators and Pumps


Yamaha has been one of the most trusted names in generators for the last 35 years. We understand the needs of people just like you, and make it convenient to produce power, whenever and wherever you need it. At the campsite, on the job, during power outages or just about any scenario you can think of. Yamaha generators are super-quiet, easy-to-use and backed by a remarkable reputation for reliability. Peace of mind also comes from knowing there is a large network of Yamaha dealers across Canada, so you can rest assured all your generator needs will be taken care of. Yamaha: portable power for all your energy needs.


Yamaha water pumps are powered by 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engines, which are smaller, more powerful and consume less fuel than comparable engines. The self-priming centrifugal pumps deliver up to 102 feet of total head, 23 feet of section headand are capable of moving up to 980 litres per minute. Yamaha pumps. Compact, portable, economical and reliable. They deliver all the power you need to move all the water you have.

Type Details Price

A lot of juice for the money

Looking for plenty of power for less?

This 2600 watt generator offers plenty of power for a wide range of usage. The 4-stroke gasoline engine provides quiet, reliable and economical operation. Throw in premium features like the oil level warning system, volt meter and non-fuse circuit breaker and it's clear that the EF2600 is a lot of juice for the money.



Quiet and Efficient - Your best choice for Electronics

The all-new EF2800i inverter generator brings the latest technology to Yamaha's line of rugged and efficient power products.

This lightweight and compact model generates the cleanest and most consistent electrical power available, making it ideal for running sensitive electronic equipment. The quiet Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and control panel are all designed with protective systems for long-term durability.



Best Choice for the RV Enthusiast

If nothing suits you better than a long trip in your motor home or trailer, read on. The EF3000iSE produces clean, high-quality electricity wherever you need it.

And with four built-in wheels, getting it there has never been easier. A slick ergonomic design, easy access to the control panel and effortless electric starting continue the theme. But it's not just the simplicity that appeals: the EF3000iSE leverages innovative inverter technology, producing quiet, high-quality power and exhaust that clears the world's toughest emissions standards. Finally, the Smart Throttle feature automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. That means it runs quieter while increasing fuel efficiency, lengthening engine life and extending running time. In fact, you can run for over 7 hours on a half-rated load. Looks great. Runs great.




The all-new EF2000iS provides a practical, versatile machine that can go anywhere with ease. This ingenious new inverter is fitted with Yamaha's most technologically advanced and sophisticated muffler. Whisper quiet and compact, the new EF2000iS has enough power to run a microwave oven or a television, making your campsite a much more comfortable place to be.


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